We gonna discuss us some anxiety and PTSD stuff, and hopefully you will be too.

My hours at work are increasing again. It seems that all I have to do is go in to work just for shits ‘n giggles on my day off, and I land with another day of work. It’s all good, I need the money and I like my work. It sure beats sitting on my duff here at the shelter, and has me beginning to catch up bills-wise. Yes, the homeless have bills.

My last post still has me thinking too.

It seems that depression, anxiety, and PTSD are closely related. We’ll discuss that too.

I have paperwork to do, a colonoscopy to schedule, and on Monday an orthopedist appointment to see about physical therapy. That should be fun. The point is it may be a bit before I can post again. The discussion may be a bit down the road. Until then, toodles!