On top of everything else, my mom’s cat died today. I took care of him a lot. He was sort of both of ours. He was a love.

RIP little guy, I’ll miss you when I go to see my mom. Wish I could bring you back healthy…. but I’m sure you’re having fun with your sister, who you haven’t seen for several years… give her a love for me, and take heaps for you from me. I have nothing more to say except I’m going to go offline for a while, not allow internet access. This is not a good day. I’m numb.


Y2K last pictures 034

“The Y2K Cat (1999 [?] – May 21, 2016) was met with happiness by his beloved partner, L’ilblackcat, at the Rainbow Bridge crossing at about 10:00AM MST this morning. On our side of the Bridge he was attended outdoors by his human of many years, jg, and by his IMVet-Cancer of many months, Dr. Miles. He will be cremated this weekend.

It was the cancer, without doubt, probably compounded by his heart disease. Yesterday he appeared so miserable, we went down late in the day to see if there was anything that could be done to make him feel better, and had it not been way past closing time for Homeward Bound (the pet crematorium here) it would have happened last night. As it was, and after a lot of discussion of alternatives and risks, Dr. Miles gave him Elspar more as a confirming thing, and Y2K stayed on his fuzzy red blanket overnight in ICU on 24/7 monitoring. This morning his main tumor had shrunk considerably, the secondary one couldn’t be found, and his blood work was slightly better; and he had eaten a tiny bit and done his feline duties. BUT, he clearly still had substantial trouble on more than one front. With Elspar gaining him perhaps the weekend and maybe another day or so and leaving open the possibility of painful cancer/heart complications that could not be timely eased, Y & I spent a very long time outside in a quiet spot on the grass in the sun and under a tree before Dr. Miles came outside for the dear sweet kitty’s peaceful crossing.

In lieu of condolences, we — Y & I — request that a contribution be made in his name to your local feline rescue or TNR organization, or if none locally to Look What The Cat Brought In (Colorado Springs: http://lookwhatthecatbroughtin.org/) where Y2K has bequeathed the remainder of his own estate.
Pax vobiscum,