Well, I’ll tell ya what. At 8:00 last night, I got in from one of the worst days I’ve had in AGES, my car crapped out on me out of town, they wouldn’t have parts for it until this morning, it’s an expensive fix (alternator is what it was; totally crapped on me), I had to get the battery charged THREE times via being jumped, and even then the car would only go ’til the next time I stopped (and one of the times it crapped was in the middle of the frikking street, a busy one). 😦 I had an app’t this morning I had to make (ended up walking – it was very hot, as well as several other things today (oh well, guess I won’t get to go to Lubbock this coming weekend). At least I have someone who brought me the alternator this morning, but even then, I have no one to put it on. I’m currently a sitting frikking duck at home.

BUT, there was one thing I was so thankful for throughout the day, that I had this album on my mp3 player (“The Understanding”), my mp3 player was charged, and I had it with me. I seriously don’t think I would have stayed even as sane as I did through the day without it and the thought that Viking had suggested it. I fell in love with this album, in particular (but not only) this song, I don’t know how many times:

Thank you Bjoernvold Site Admin viking60. Seriously. I really really love it, and the more I listen, the more I love it. If that doesn’t calm the soul, I don’t know what does. It put me in a whole ‘nother world, and really all I could do yesterday and today, was to do my best to stay in the world it put me in.

Update: On another note, this is probably the last “deep” post you will have from me. I’m thinking on other things to write about at this time; Linux in particular. Stay tuned.

I made it to the appointment, ended up walking from there to the Chinese restaurant for lunch, then to downtown, made an appointment to get my hair cut, and also came to find out that my old mechanic is back in business, and was still at his old place, within walking distance. Sometimes when we cry, the source is listening.

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